Upcoming locations in 2018:
August, Guadalajara
September, Switzerland - Belgium - Netherlands
October, United States
November, Mexico City

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Little House by mw|works
Seabeck, WA, 2018

This compact house is carefully sited in a young forest between a sun-filled meadow and views out to the Puget Sound.

Courtyard House on a River by Robert Hutchison
Greenwater, WA, 2018

This small residence located on the banks of the White River five miles from Mt. Rainier quietly blends into the surrounding forest. An entry courtyard serves as a transition space from outdoors to indoors, while keeping the ubiquitous elk herds at bay.

Jardín Botánico by Tatiana Bilbao Estudio
Culiacán, 2018

By adapting the design to its surroundings, a set of buildings such as cultural areas, educational facilities, laboratories, green houses, storage and administrative offices with public services are able to fulfill a need.

Casa 2i4e by P+0 Arquitectura
El Jonuco, 2018

Surrounded by a foggy landscape, a weekend house takes place on a sloped terrain.

Where the Trees Made the Rules by SIGNAL
Bellevue, WA, 2018

At once a collaboration between the landscape and building, this project integrates ground plane and canopy experiences, with design and scale of the facility complementary to the existing steep slope, mature trees, and views across Mercer Slough to the City of Bellevue.

Case Inlet Retreat by mw|works
Lakebay, WA, 2018

Anchored by a weathered cedar clad bedroom wing, a bold concrete cantilever projects the living and dining into the forest and toward the view.

Helen Street House by mw|works
Seattle, WA, 2018

A courtyard in the center of the site brings light and private outdoor space deeper into the site. Floating above, the roof plane and master suite are clad in naturally weathered cedar planks.

Film coming soon.

Casa Bedolla by P+0 Arquitectura
El Jonuco, 2018

Two cantilever volumes connected through a staircase organize the program of this house that overlooks the valley.

Centro Cultural Comunitario by PRODUCTORA
Teotitlán del Valle, 2017

In the middle of a village in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, this Community Cultural Center will exhibit the archeological and textile wealth of Teotitlán del Valle.

Casa Palmas by DOSA STUDIO
Texcoco, 2018

In early 2017, the studio was appointed to design a house based on a very low budget and complicated site conditions.  The client was a young woman who approached our studio and requested to design a house for her relatives.

Casa Espigas 41 by Dear Architects
Monterrey, 2017

The house responds to a three part composition, generated according to the function of the deduced programs and as a response to their location. The crown, in yellow, enclosed and up top, is the element with the strongest presence.

Casa VR by Alexanderson Arquitectos
Guadalajara, 2017

Interior gardens organize a series of rooms that open completely to the surrounding landscape.

A ROOM by Matteo Ghidoni + Enrico Dusi
Mexico City, 2017

The ROOM is a 43 sqm triangular space surrounded by 4 meters-high walls. The walls are built in concrete blocks. The external surface of the walls is raw, the internal one is painted in light pink. The ROOM has one circular entrance measuring 2 meters in diameter, and a smaller porthole measuring 60 centimeters placed 2,8 meters above the ground level.

Museografía MXCD01 by PALMA
Mexico City, 2017

In Mexico City, the collective culture and consciousness has learnt to thrive and prosper within a hostile and chaotic environment. At the same time, there has always been a tendency towards reuse and repair rather than discarding, probably more as a result of necessity than an environmental conscience. The exhibition design seeks to portray these characteristics through the use of shredded plastic. 

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